Swimming noodle pony

Thursday 30 January 2014

So, after a week of not doing any crafts, because I had to study for my exams, I was in the mood to make one quick little DIY project. I stumbled upon this great idea to make swimming noodle ponies. It took me only about 30 minutes and here is the result. I followed the tutorial from this blog adding couple of my own tweaks.

swimming noodle pony

  • Since Elise is only 20 months old and about 95cm high, I've cut about 40cm from the bottom of the noodle (using a kitchen knife) to adjust it to her height. 
  • I used a ribbon instead of a twine
  • I made felt eyes 
    • cut out 2 larger ovals form grey felt
    • cut out 2 smaller circles from black felt
    • glue the black circles in the bottom part of the gray ovals using a hot glue gun
  • I added nostrils 
    • cut a black oval shape from your black felt
    • cut it in two halves
    • glue them to the bottom part of the face
  • Mane
    • Using a kitchen knife, a cut about 0.5cm deep into the middle of the head, starting a little in front of the ears and continuing down to the ribbon 
    • I cut out felt stripes (blue and gray), about 2cm wide and 7cm long
    • I cut the edges of the stripes into pointy arrows
    • Using scissors with a blunt end, I pushed the felt stripes into the cut in the head, overlaying them as I continued
What to add? Elise loves her new pony :)

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  1. Looks great! I love the way you made the mane. I may have to try that! :-)

    1. Thanks, I was afraid it would fall out, but fortunately it didn't..not even after 2 weeks :)