DIY Quick & Easy Christmas name tags

Thursday 20 December 2012

Hello :)
so if you don't have time (just like myself) to create some fancy name tags for presents, yet you don't want to buy them (because if they are  self-made, they add this special personal touch to your presents) here is a way to have them done in no-time. (Note: the photos were taken with my phone, so their quality is literally non-existent :)

All you are going to need is:
  • sheets of felt paper in several colors (or any felt sheets)
  • sharpie or any thin marker in dark color
  • scisors
  • a scrap of paper you find lying around the house (only if you wont need it anymore :)
diy felt name tags

How to make the name tags:
  • Simply write the names on the felt paper. Leave enough room between them. A tip: write slowly, the felt paper needs to absorb the color from the marker
diy felt name tags
  • Then cut them out and make a little pointy arrow at the end (see picture)
  • You can make a hole in the arrow with a punch maked but mine got stuck all the time so I simply cut them out with my scicors
  • FINISHED!! You have your nice name tags :) 
diy felt name tags

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