Zig-Zag Beanie Pattern

Saturday 15 December 2012

Hi everyone,
once I saw a nice picture of a zig-zag beanie, and I decided to do one myself. It was a Christmas present for my cute, 9-months-old niece Theresa. If you want to make one as well, here is the pattern. It's really easy and you can make it in any size you need. The beanie works up pretty quick, so I hope you'll enjoy it :)

zig zag beanie crochet pattern free

I used:
  • Hook 6.0 mm / J 
  • Bulky yarn in two contrasting shades of the same color (light pink and dark violet)

  • The first hdc in a round is always ch2, so if a round starts with [hdc, ch1, hdc], you start with ch2 + ch1 = ch3 and a hdc
  • End each round (apart from the last 3 edging rows) with a slip stitch in to the second chain of starting ch2, and a slip stich in the next ch1 space
  • Changing colors (from A to B): finish the last stitch of the row, do the two slip stitches mentioned above, yarn over with color B and pull through (first chain), make two more chains = starting ch2 + ch1, make a hdc in the same stitch (=the first cluster) and continue according to the pattern. 
  • I use " " to show clusters, e.g. "dc, ch1, dc" in next ch1 space
  • Abbreviations (US):  st - stitch / ch - chain / ch1-sp - chain1 space / hdc - half double crochet / A, B - colors
The pattern:
  • R1 (A) : magic loop with 8hdc [8st] 
  • R2 (A): "hdc, ch1, hdc" in each hdc around  [16st, 8 ch1-sp]
  • R3 (B): "hdc, ch1, hdc, ch1, hdc" in each ch1-sp [24st, 16 ch1-sp]
  • R4 (A): "hdc, ch1, hdc" in each ch1-sp around [32st, 16 ch1-sp]
  • R5 (B): "hdc, ch1, hdc, ch1, hdc" in ch1-sp, "hdc, ch1, hdc" in next ch1-sp around [40st, 24 ch1-sp]
  • R6 (A): "hdc, ch1, hdc" in each ch1-sp around [48st, 24 ch1-sp]

After Round 6, your will have a circle that looks something like the one you can see in the picture. Since the head circumference of my niece is 47cm, I stopped increasing, when the circle reached the diameter of 15cm. 

If you need a different size , simply follow this simple formula..

circumference = pi (3.14) * diamater 

.. and use a differen hook size or simply add few more increase rounds (see : More increase rounds)

  • R7 (A) - R15 (B),: "hdc, ch1, hdc" in each ch1-sp around [48st, 24 ch1-sp] Continue in the color scheme from R8:  B, A, B, 2xA 
  • R16 - R18: sc in each st around in color A (48 st) I did those last three rows with H hook (5.0 mm) - this way it is tighter and holds shape nicely, but you can finish it with the J hook as well :)
Weave in the ends and you are finished. Enjoy the new beanie :)

More increase rounds:
Since there were some inquiries, here are some further increase rounds :)
We finished with:
  • R6 (A): "hdc, ch1, hdc" in each ch1-sp around [48st, 24 ch1-sp]
And we can continue with
  • R7 (B): {"hdc, ch1, hdc, ch1, hdc" in ch1-sp, "hdc, ch1, hdc" in next 2 ch1-sp} around [56st, 32 ch1-sp]
  • R8 (A): "hdc, ch1, hdc" in each ch1-sp around [64st, 32 ch1-sp]
  • R9 (B): {"hdc, ch1, hdc, ch1, hdc" in ch1-sp, "hdc, ch1, hdc" in next 3 ch1-sp} around [72st, 40 ch1-sp]
  • R10 (A): "hdc, ch1, hdc" in each ch1-sp around [80st, 40 ch1-sp]
After Round 10 continue with "hdc, ch1, hdc" in each ch1-sp around until you have the desired length :)
If you need more increase rounds, notice the difference between R7 and R9. In R7 there are "hdc, ch1, hdc" in next ch1-sp and in R9 there is "hdc, ch1, hdc" in next ch1-sp. So if you need more increase rounds, R11 would be "hdc, ch1, hdc" in next ch1-sp etc. I hope it's a little bit clear :) If not just let me know please :)

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  1. I love the looks of this hat, but I am having trouble getting the numbers to come out right on the 3rd row. I am only getting 20 sts & 12 spaces.

    1. Hi :) I am sorry there was a mistake, I corrected it :) it is supposed to be "hdc, ch1, hdc, ch1, hdc" in each ch1-space...thanks for letting me know :) Ivana

  2. I'll try this nice pattern tonight and make my boyfriend a green beanie :) Looking forward!! :)

  3. Made this. Stopped at row 6 increase and did total of 13 hdcrows. 3rows SC for band. LOVEIT!

  4. Made a second one. To row 6 inc like first one. Then to round 15 before doing my band. Which is SC one round = 48 SC. Then fpdc, bpdc around. = 24fpdc ~24 bpdc .

    1. 15 rows of hdc is too much for my head. see pix on ravelry.com