DIY Quick & Easy Christmas name tags

Thursday 20 December 2012

Hello :)
so if you don't have time (just like myself) to create some fancy name tags for presents, yet you don't want to buy them (because if they are  self-made, they add this special personal touch to your presents) here is a way to have them done in no-time. (Note: the photos were taken with my phone, so their quality is literally non-existent :)

All you are going to need is:
  • sheets of felt paper in several colors (or any felt sheets)
  • sharpie or any thin marker in dark color
  • scisors
  • a scrap of paper you find lying around the house (only if you wont need it anymore :)
diy felt name tags

How to make the name tags:
  • Simply write the names on the felt paper. Leave enough room between them. A tip: write slowly, the felt paper needs to absorb the color from the marker
diy felt name tags
  • Then cut them out and make a little pointy arrow at the end (see picture)
  • You can make a hole in the arrow with a punch maked but mine got stuck all the time so I simply cut them out with my scicors
  • FINISHED!! You have your nice name tags :) 
diy felt name tags

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Saturday 15 December 2012

Hi everyone,
once I saw a nice picture of a zig-zag beanie, and I decided to do one myself. It was a Christmas present for my cute, 9-months-old niece Theresa. If you want to make one as well, here is the pattern. It's really easy and you can make it in any size you need. The beanie works up pretty quick, so I hope you'll enjoy it :)

zig zag beanie crochet pattern free

I used:
  • Hook 6.0 mm / J 
  • Bulky yarn in two contrasting shades of the same color (light pink and dark violet)

Free Crochet Patterns

Hello everyone and welcome to my brand new blog,

before I started this blog I published my crochet pattern designs on ravelry as PDF downloads. You can now find them here as well. Happy crocheting :)

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