Simple Happy Birthday Garland {free printable}

Tuesday 11 February 2014

Actually, I did this project exactly one year ago. I was at my parents house because it was my fathers birthday. Everybody was out, and Elise (then only 9 months old) was sleeping so I decided to decorate the dinning room as a surprise. I figured that a printable garland would be quick and easy, so I started browsing the internet. Unfortunately, I didn't find a garland that was conservative enough (to fit the style of my parents house), so I had to design my own. Since I didn't have my laptop with me, I used the house PC and did a quick job using only Photofiltre (free image retouching program). It wasn't completely perfect, but it still turned out quite nicely :)

Happy Birthday Garland

So a year later, I stumbled upon this picture in my phone, and decided to upgrade the design for a free printable for everyone :)

Note: The approximate length of the garland, from H to Y (including a gap between the words but without decorative pieces) is 1.8 meters (70 inches)

Happy Birthday Garland Free Printable

  • free printable Happy Birthday Garland in black, blue or pink
  • printer and at least 7*A4 papers (you can use a common white office paper, or a fancy colored one)
  • scissors
  • twine or a thread (you will need around 3.5 m / 135 inches)
  • tape (or glue..but tape is better)
  • optional: colored balloons :)

  1. Download the garland from the links above and print it out. 
Printing tips: I set the page size to 27.5cm * 19.5cm (10.8" * 7.7") so it will fit easily onto any A4 paper and you don't have to worry about printer margins. Either make sure that you set your paper orientation to landscape, or check the box "Auto-rotate".  Just to be sure, it's always best to print out only one page in the beginning.
  1. Cut out individual garland letters using scissors. Cut on the outside of the border. Pages 8, 9 and 10 include blank canvases or decorations, so now it's time for you own personal touch. You can place the decorations between or around the words, or you can write a personal message on the blank canvases :)
  2. Fold the letters along the grey dotted line and attach them to you twine or thread by taping the folded part to the back.
  3. Attach the ends of your twine to two suitable ends and space the letters according to your taste and needs.
  4. Optional: Attach some colored balloons to the garland ends. 

I hope you have fun making this happy birthday garland for your friends or family :) Let me know, if you need some help or more tips.

See you soon,

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