Five Minutes Valentine's Gift - Fuzzy Hama Heart

Wednesday 12 February 2014

So Valentine's Day is coming.. To be completely honest, I am not a huge fan, but some subtle decorations are really OK ;) And this year, it took me only a couple of minutes, a really fun and easy DIY project.

fuzzy wire hama heart valentines gift diy

  • Hama beads 
  • Fuzzy wire 
  • Scissors
Materials Note: I got my Hama beads at IKEA. I saw them while walking through the kids section, with no project in mind I grabbed one box since it was so cheap and I just though they might come in handy sometimes :) As for the fuzzy wire, you can get it at your local craft store or online, just Google it. I used a 50cm / 20" wire for the big heart and a 25cm / 10" one for the small heart. Just a small hint: the larger the heart, the weaker is its structure. 

fuzzy wire hama heart valentines gift diy

4 simple steps
  1. Take your fuzzy wire and fold it in the middle, pressing it hard to create the pointy bottom of the heart.
  2. Pull the hama beads on each half of the wire, leaving a small gap between them. (The fuzzy wire will stop them from shifting around too much)
  3. Leave the last 1.5 cm / 0.5" of the wire without beads
  4. Now open the wire to create a blunt V-shape. Take the ends and curve them inward to create a heart shape. Twist the ends together tightly to hold the heart shape in place.

You can place them almost anywhere you want, I decided to put mine on our pin board :)

fuzzy wire hama heart valentines gift diy

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