Little Crochet Owl

Monday 17 February 2014

I stumbled across this amazingly great pattern for a little crochet owl. It's really easy and quick, you just need to use the right method for switching colors in the row. If you are not so quite sure about that, I suggest you watch this straight forward video..

crochet owl pattern free

Pattern recommendation:
  1. Use the right method for switching colors in the row (video)
  2. I used a bulky pure acrylic yarn and 6 mm crochet hook (US: J) - the finished size of the owl is 13 cm (5"). Elise loves to play with it :)
  3. It's much easier to sew on the eyes, beak and wings before the body is stuffed and finished.
    • Crochet the eyes and the wings
    • Crochet the body only until Round 19. 
    • Now sew on the eyes and wings and embroider the beak (or sew it on if you are making it from felt)
    • Finish Round 19 and 20 and stuff the owl along

Happy crocheting :)

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