Easter Crochet Chick Egg Cosy

A few weeks back, I was walking past a flee market store (there are a lot of them here in Vienna) and I saw a really cute Easter crochet chick egg cosy. I wanted to buy it but the store was closed, and when I came back a week later it was already sold. So I decided I make one myself. I browsed the net for some patterns but none of them looked quite like the one I saw in the store. So I decided to design a pattern myself :)

You can either download the pattern as PDF or just look at it here on my blog. Happy crocheting :)

easter crochet chick egg cosy free pattern

  • 3.5 mm (US: E) crochet hook
  • Yarn weight: Worsted weight yarn (I used King Cotton from Gründl)
  • Yarn colors: Green, Yellow, Pink, Dark red
  • Black beads for eyes
  • Red felt for beak
  • Yarn needle

Light Summer Hat with a Flower

This summer hat has a special meaning for me, because it was the first custom made crochet project that I made. It was for my little niece, who was 3 months old then.
The pattern is actually 2 year old, so you might already know it from my ravelry page. However I decided to post all my patterns as blog posts as well, because it got kind of confusing, what is on ravelry and what is here :)
As always, you can either download the pattern as pdf or just read it here on my blog. So here we go...

light summer hat crochet pattern free

  • Crochet hook 3.5 mm (US: E)
  • Yarn weight sport / 5 ply (12 wpi) (I used SMC Catania Solids, 100% cotton)
  • Yarn colors A: natural white, B : light brown
  • Yarn needle

  • 3-6 months, circumference: 38-42cm (15”-16.5”), height: 16cm (6.5”)
  • 6-12 months, circumference: 43-47cm (17”-18.5”), height: 18cm (7”)
  • toddler, circumference: 46-49cm (16.5”-18.5”), height: 20cm (8”)

Easy Crochet Doll Outfit {universal size pattern}

Elise received a new doll from her grandma that was dressed in cute pink pajamas. She wanted to take her out to play with her at the playground, but insisted that she needs to be dressed properly. Firstly, that she wouldn't be cold outside, and secondly, one shouldn't go out in their pajamas :) 
So I was up for a quick crochet project from left-over yarn. For such small things as doll outfits, I prefer gradient wool. It's the perfect way how to add many colors without having to switch yarn and it also allows minor imperfections :)

easy doll outfit crochet pattern

The doll outfit consist of a beanie, a one-piece and two slippers. The pattern describes the outfit exactly as I did it and also includes tips how to adjust the sizes for your doll. So for reference, our doll was 30cm tall (12”). You can find the pattern below or you can also download it as .pdf

- crochet hook 5.5mm / US size: I 
- bulky yarn (7 wpi):  Perla by Four Seasons Gründl, 100% Polyester
- 2 or 3 button
- yarn needle

Spring up your home by upcycling

Thursday 6 March 2014

It's the beginning of March and all I see around are willow catkins. Flower shops are full of them and even grocery stores have put buckets full of them near the check out counters. Usually they sell a bundle of six thick birches that are about one meter long and full of catkins for 3 (4$). Since I wanted only few short thin birches, I cut them off from the willow in the inner courtyard of our building, Then I just took an old olive glass jar and a colored straw ribbon with a flower wire  and our new spring home decoration was done :)

Spring up your home by upcycling - glass jar with willow catkins - home decoration - diy

  • four thin willow birches 
  • old glass jar (thin and high)
  • straw ribbon with flower wire (when you get a bouquet and it's time to dry it up or throw it away, don't forget to scavenge all the good parts like ribbons and flower wire)

Funky Flower Crochet Pattern

There are never enough crochet appliques. And the only thing that is more fun than crocheting them, is designing them :) I was in the mood for an elaborate layered flower and this is the result. When finished, the flower is approximately 7cm / 3" in diameter.

funky flower crochet pattern

  • 3.5 mm crochet hook (US: E)
  • Sport / 5 ply (12 wpi) yarn in 3 colors (I Catania Solids from Schachenmayr in dark yellow, light green and light purple)
  • Yarn needle

Hand-drawn Happy Birthday Card {free printable} + Corel Draw Tutorial

It's the birthday season in our family again: we have nine celebrations from beginning of February till the middle of April. So it's the perfect opportunity to let my creativity go wild and draw & design new birthday cards :) This one was for my dad, so I kept it neat and simple.

You can print out one (or more :) yourself, and even color it, if you wish to make ti more lively.

simple Happy Birthday Card free printable

- printer
- A5 paper (best is a thick paper that holds shape when folded in the middle)
- Happy Birthday Card free pdf printable

Printing Tip
When printing the Birthday card, make sure your printer scaling is set to "None" and not to "Fit to printer margins". This way the text will be nicely centered.

Happy Birthday Card free printable